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If I gave a full 5 star report, I would not expect you the reader to take it seriously.

We tried several realtors over the past decade to sell our home. Charley came in, said what we can expect, how long it should take, and she was on the money nearly to the day. She was the only person to price it right, with the right expectations and get it done! Dealing with her was like working with a friend. Kind, professional and full of experience. I'd recommend her to you, and I don't even know you, that's how confident I am in her.

Terry Archer

"She was the best It was a magnificent experience working with charlotte I will recommend her again she is the standard that should be set for all Realtors.

Simply fantastic"

Clarence Gaston

They broke the mold when they made her.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Charlotte Gallovitch is hands down one of the best Real Estate Agents I have ever had the privilege to work with. Charley, take a bow.

Steve Sibo, Attorney

I was the mortgage broker for the clients that Charley represented.

She did an absolutely great job from top to bottom. Her communication and attention to detail made it a wonderful and easy transaction for all involved.

Robert Denton

Charley is amazing, she has 25 plus years experience as a realtor and knows how to get your home sold.

She has an energy that is contagious and is wonderful to work with. She can walk into your house, make a few suggestions on small improvements to get your house sold quickly. I worked with Charley on a house she was putting on the market and she had a contract within 2 or 3 days from when she listed the house. I would highly recommend Charley, she really is the best, !

Kristin Rosko

As listing agent for a short-selling homeowner, this office relies heavily on our Realtors in our negotiations to gain short sale approval.

I found Charlotte to be ON TOP the the game with her documentation to support property value, and diligent marketing efforts. I could not have gained the approval, and won this short sale for our mutual client without the seamless teamwork of Charley Gallovitch.

Adeline Lewis

Charlotte was the best we could have asked for, going above and beyond our expectations at every opportunity

Dan and Maeren Wrenn

Thank you for allowing us to provide a review of the real estate agent we worked with on the selling of our house in Midlothian.

We did not have an agent when we decided to put our house up for sale. Our son, however, recommended someone he met through BNI and we are so glad he did. Charlotte, who we got to know as Charlie, made us immediately feel comfortable. She took us through the process involved in a sale and arranged for a walk through of the house. Afterwards, Charlie gave us some easy suggestions for making the house more marketable and did a Market Analysis to determine a fair asking price. Our pregnant daughter and family, along with three dogs, were living in the house at the time and Charlie was very sensitive to her needs when setting up dates and times for the showings. And showings there were! Within a matter of two or three days we had multiple showings and more than one offer. Upon accepting an offer, a house inspection was conducted and a list of requested repairs developed by the buyer. This was the most frustrating step of the process, but Charlie not only provided the encouragement we needed to get through it, but also was instrumental in identifying people that could help us get the work done. Charlie's positive attitude, tireless energy, knowledge and experience made our entire experience manageable and, in the end, profitable. We strongly recommend her as an agent that can be trusted to get the job done. Thomas and Carole Buell

The Buells'

"Charley was amazing in all aspects of the process and we will be recommending her to anyone we know who needs a realtor!

Again, Charley was absolutely amazing!"

Chris from Darien

"Since l was a first time home owner, the entire process was new to me.

Charlotte Gallovitch helped every step of the way, was professional, yet very comfortable to work with. She educated me about all the different procedures and was instrumental in actually steering me into a house l love. When we first started looking at places, she listened to my requests, but offered suggestions that l didn't think could be an option. l'm so happy she did. Everything about my new place is better than l had imagined it would be. l would highly recommend Charlotte to anyone looking for a realtor!"

Stephen Milen

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